Low Income and Looking For a Successful School. Study Shows Choices Are Slim – EdSurge

Below is an excerpt from an article published by EdSurge.

Where should you live if you have a tight budget, but want your students, to perform well in school? According to Education Cities and Great Schools, there aren’t many options. Out of the 300 largest cities (based on school-age population), about 500 schools (or around 4 percent) have students from low-income families who are outperforming their peers from more affluent backgrounds, according to the group’s 2017 Education Equality Index.

The interactive data on the website compares cities based on state proficiency exams, the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the number of students on free or reduced lunch programs. Researchers say that although the results are bleak, it is important to highlight the schools and students that are doing well.

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