New study reveals cities where low-income students are doing best – The Hechinger Report

Below is an excerpt from an article published by The Hechinger Report.

When it comes to educating students from urban low-income families, according to a new study, one state leads the pack. And it’s one you might not expect.

Texas cities were top performers on a new measure designed to compare how well schools in the nation’s 300 largest cities are teaching their poorest students. The study’s authors surveyed a variety of test results from low-income students in those cities, and used them to create a measurement called the Educational Equality Index that assigns a score to each school and each city based on how effectively it teaches low-income students.

We’ve long known how to assess the quality of schools, said Carrie Douglass, a managing partner at Education Cities and the project director for the new report, produced by Education Cities and Great Schools. But, she added, those measures don’t always reflect how well schools are doing with students from low-income families.

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